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Ongoing Activities:
Committee Involvement
We are always looking for members with fresh ideas or who just want to be more involved!
Join the Legislative Committee, Education Committee, or Membership Committee to help us further our mission! Email us at: for more information!
NMSHP Mentor Program
Mentoring can be defined as a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a less experienced mentee focused on enhancing the mentee’s growth and skill development. The NMSHP Mentor Program is the place to go for career development expertise. As a mentor, share your professional expertise with less experienced colleagues who are looking for guidance. As a mentee, benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience found in mentors from a variety of practice interest areas.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Cultivate a professional relationship with your mentee
  • Communicate via phone, email, and/or one-on-one
  • Share your expertise
  • Help develop a new practitioner
  • Act as a catalyst
  • Share the path to how you got where you are today
  • Provide positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Develop a lifelong relationship
  • Cultivate a professional relationship with your mentor
  • Communicate via phone, email, and/or one-on-one
  • Learn from successful pharmacists in your area of interest
  • Share current goals and objectives with your mentor
  • Be able to bounce ideas off of someone who has more experience
  • Seek guidance when looking to make important career choices
  • Integrate feedback and grow personally and professionally


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